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| July 30, 2013 |


So the zombie apocalypse is upon us, are you prepared? Now trust me, there’s plenty of things you need to do to prepare for a real zombie outbreak, but far and away the most fun part of preparing for this moment is choosing your weapon. And heck, don’t just stop at one, load up on a few different zombie-killing implements while you’re at it.

While this may seem like bit of a funny prospect, something resembling a zombie outbreak is really not as far-fetched as some might think; the rabies virus already makes animals behave much in the same way, and is transmitted through biting. The urge to bite and pass on the disease is present in those affected. The only modification needed would be that the virus not kill the host, and instead leaves its basic vital functions intact. In any event, you’re going to need a weapon, so let’s talk options.

Guns: In an ideal situation, you’re going to have access to firearms. A gunslinger is able to keep his distance and take out the infected at range. Keeping a safe distance would be key to not being overwhelmed when facing multiple zombies, so, if you can, try to have some firepower on hand.

The shotgun is, for good reason, a favorite among zombie enthusiasts. This gun truly would make one of the best weapons because it is easy to fire/aim, as it has a large spread, and that it is heavy enough to be used as a blunt weapon in a close-quarters scuffle. The shot gun also has the advantage of causing a nice exploding effect when its shells come in contact with a head, a useful prospect if the real zombies resemble those in fiction in that their brain stem or brain must be destroyed before they’ll stop moving and permanently die.

If you keep a gun on hand, always keep a backup. A handgun or sidearm is going to be your best friend in a situation where you need to be quick on the draw and are in close quarters that don’t allow for easy use of a long-barreled weapon.

Blunt Force: If you’re feeling especially Rambo-like, you can also opt for a more up close and personal type weapon. While axes and other slicing implements aren’t bad, opt for baseball bats and the like as they have a wider destructive surface (it may be hard to aim an ax head perfectly in the heat of the moment) and can be better used to push back as a defensive weapon as well.

Blades: Let’s face it, if everyone could expertly wield a katana or sword when the world ends, they would. If you feel up to the challenge and happen to have one, this might be an option. However, when it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones, it may be best to opt for one of the more reliable options depicted above.

Whatever you can find: Let’s face it, you may be prepared, but most other people will probably fall into this category. When chaos ensues, grab whatever you can to chop, bash, shoot, and stab your way to staying alive another day. Household items that may serve as anti-zombie weapons include chair legs, kitchen knives, shovels, and hammers.


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