This Is What You Want During A Doomsday Scenario: The X6 Hunter

| March 25, 2014 |

When (technically, “if”) the zombie apocalypse occurs, a safe mode of transportation will be vital for getting your loved ones to safety. Luckily, Mercedes-Benz is already all over that problem you’ll face during the end of the world. Meet the Mercedes Hunter X6, a custom-built rugged off-roading vehicle that can handle almost anything the elements (or zombies) will dish out. Not only that, but you will look extremely cool while you protect the family and friends you’ll make during the apocalypse.


The X6 Hunter has a 6×6 drive train and can keep approximately 6 people safe.
Zombie mobile
Mercedes Benz


Not only can it handle just about anything, but it looks so great while it does it.
Mercedes Benz


Mercedes Benz


Basically, everything you could ever want is included in this mobile safehouse.
Mercedes Benz


It’s no tank, but it can certainly keep your family safe and dry.
Mercedes Benz


Mercedes Benz


Off-roading through the woods would be a cinch, too.
Mercedes Benz


Mercedes Benz


Mercedes Benz


Mercedes Benz


The inside of the Hunter might be one of the classiest survival vehicles you’ll see.
Mercedes Benz


It’s actually fancier than most recreational vehicles.
Mercedes Benz


Inside there is a full security system with cameras.
Mercedes Benz


When you need protection, the Hunter offers it.
Mercedes Benz


But I really can’t stress enough just how nice this luxury off-roading vehicle is.
Mercedes Benz


It’s spacious and safe.
Mercedes Benz


It wouldn’t take a zombie apocalypse to convince me to live in here.

You could argue that finding a safe spot and staying there is a better idea during the apocalypse, but hitting a moving target is hard. It’s even harder for the walking corpses that will be attacking during the zombie breakout.

Obviously, spending your nest egg on a Mercedes-Benz Hunter now is a wonderful idea. It’s better than investing, because you’ll be investing in your future. (Feel free to use that line when your spouse is angrily asking why you just spent thousands of dollars on a zombie protection vehicle.)

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  1. Jacob says:

    This thing is absolutely amazing and I want one apocalypse or not. The one thing I didn’t see in the post was a price tag! I am sure this is one expensive piece of machinery.

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