The 3 Hot Items You Should Have In Your Doomsday Survival Kit

| September 20, 2013 |

Doomsday Survival Kit

Doomsday prophecies come and go like migrating birds. One month there’s a mad scramble and the next we settle into a calm easiness because the world is, in fact, still intact. However, whether one apocalyptic prediction or another pans out is irrelevant, because there are plenty of real threats in the world every day.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and nuclear attacks are very real threats in the turbulent age we live in, and that’s just to name a few. There are a million and one ways for things to go wrong and, unfortunately, they probably really will at some point. However, the end of the human race doesn’t necessarily mean the death of every human (wait, hear me out!).

Those who are the most prepared ahead of time, and don’t hesitate to procure the equipment that will help them survive crisis, are the most likely to make it out alive on the other side. In this article, I want to go over a few items you should have in your doomsday, “bug out”, orsurvival kit. These are cutting edge (sometimes literally) implements that can mean the difference between making it or not.


Life-Straw Water Purification: Everyone knows that a survival kit needs to have about a gallon of water per day per person in it, but you’re not going to get very far with a bunch of water jugs, so you need to think ahead. The device will filter water almost instantly and exceeds the EPA standards for filtering drinking water. This means that anywhere you can find a water source (river, lake, rainfall, etc.) you can create clean water suitable for drinking or even bathing.


Firesteel: Firesteel is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: A piece of metal that creates a flood of sparks when struck, useful in starting fires. The necessity of this item largely depends on the environment you’re in. In an urban disaster, it may not be necessary to start a fire (depending on location and time of year), as you may be able to find warm enough shelter inside an abandoned house or building. However, if you need to get away from an urban location and head out into the wilderness, as would be the case in a radiation-based disaster, you’ll want to have a way to keep warm out in the middle of nowhere.


Blades: The bread and butter(knife) of any survival kits are versatile blades. The two you need most are a survival knife and a hatchet. Both of these should be well maintained and you should have a sharpening stone with you at all times in your kit. From fashioning shelter, to hunting, to chopping firewood, to making other tools, having these two things will drastically increase your chances of survival. Swiss Army, Lansky, and Gerber are all well-regarded brands in the survivalist niche, so you have some options for finding yourself a good fit for your needs and aesthetic preferences.

While there are obviously other things that one could conceivably need, these three items make up the trifecta of a Doomsday Toolkit. For some pre-packaged options, you might also check out the T.A.S.K. Apocalypse Survival Kit and the Gerber Zombie Survival Gear 

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