Surviving an EMP Attack

| July 29, 2013 |

Survive an EMP attack
EMP attacks have been, for some time, the stuff of science fiction, a tool used in post-apocalyptic thrillers to thrust a world into darkness and confusion. What’s even scarier than the prospect of an EMP attack in movies, however, is the fact that they are now a weaponized threat in real life as well. Since you’re reading this article, you may have already known this, but many people don’t know what an EMP attack is, and certainly don’t know its consequences. In the event that a hostile nation launched an EMP attack, the ensuing chaos could very likely resemble the type of disarray we see in films.

So what exactly is an EMP attack, and why is it such a big deal?

An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, is a pulse that encompasses many frequencies and can actually disable many electronic devices. The array of devices affected and the radius affected around the pulse itself vary depending on the strength of the EMP event or attack. Natural EMP’s actually occur fairly often due to solar flares and other environmental events like lighting strikes (this is why lights may flicked during a thunderstorm). While no natural event has yet triggered a largescale EMP effect, studies on the increasingly volatile nature of the sun suggest that it could happen someday.

When it comes to actually using an EMP as a weapon, most are nuclear. When a nuclear bomb is detonated a pulse field is created, this can be as detrimental to electronics in a large radius as the physical explosion is to people and structures. In some cases, these nuclear bombs are detonated at high altitudes (most nuclear bombs are, whether being used for EMP purposes or not, detonated before they hit the ground). There are also non-nuclear EMP’s being developed, but these are mainly intended to to be used in localized warfare than as a way to knock out the power of an entire city or country.

The electronic blackout caused by an EMP is the catalyst for the real problem: How people will react. As with any panic inducing event, cool heads will be hard to find and rioting and violence would likely follow. Yikes!

Now that you have an idea of what an EMP attack would look like, let’s talk about keeping you and yours alive and well in this hectic environment. First of all, don’t count on cars. Many components needed to start cars, especially those built with in the last few decades, are electronic and thus will likely be destroyed in the attack.

One of the best ways you can prepare your family is by having a disaster kit with non-perishable food and water ready to go. Because water will go fast, and is the most precious factor in human survival, having iodine tablets or some other method of purifying water when your initial supply runs out will be essential.

Think about shelter as well: Do you live in an area where you constantly have to heat your home? Do you have to cool it instead? Think about how you’re going to regulate your living space in a catastrophic event.

Finally, use a steel trashcan lined with tinfoil (no really, I’m serious.) to protect a few essential devices from an EMP. The more layers, the better. You can also construct your garage into such a protective environment (known as a Faraday cage) in order to keep your car running in the event of an attack.

EMP’s are no laughing matter, and they are a very real threat in today’s gadget-dependent world, so take the time to prepare and be one step ahead of everyone else if the time ever comes that you need to make sure you and your family are the ones who make it out alive.


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