Survival Skills: How Too Hot Wire A Car

| October 20, 2013 |

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Today, we’ve written an article for educational and legal purposes only. Perhaps you’ve lost your keys and you need to get your car going in an emergency situation. We don’t promote the use of anything we teach on Doomsday News for illegal purposes.

Ok, so that’s enough of the formalities. Let’s get started.

Before you remove the ignition cover, try using a screwdriver in the ignition. This may work really well depending on the car and prevent you from having to remove the ignition cover. However if this doesn’t work, you can use the screwdriver to hot wire the car.

1. Carefully remove the steering case &  ignition cover until the cylinder and wires are exposed.Be careful because you could shock yourself. Also, you will want to be able to close it so you can use it later.

2.Determine which wires give power to the car.You want to make sure you access the wires that go to the starter. If you have access to the car’s manual that will tell you which wires to use for the starter. If you don’t have a manual and are in a pinch, the red wires provide power to the car while the brown ones go to the starter. This isn’t universal but can be helpful when you don’t have a lot of time to get the car started.

3. Strip the wires and connect them to each other. Once you’ve found the power wires, disconnect them from the cylinder and wrap them around each other. This should provide power to the car which can be very helpful.

4. Carefully connect the starter wires to the power wires. This is where you should be careful. The starter wires have live current going through them. Carefully tap the starter wires to the power wires until you hear the engine start up. Then separate the wires and cover them.

Here’s a video that shows you how to do it as well..

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