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| November 5, 2013 |

Life A D

I picked this book up in the late 80’s at a book store in Denver Colorado. It was the first serious prepping book I bought and it is still a book I refer to often. I use the information in my own preps and some of the writing that I do.

Geared toward surviving a nuclear strike on the US, this book is also a complete manual for building a viable prepping / retreat plan for just about any situation a prepper could face. In fact let me share a snippet of what Dr Clayton says in the very first paragraph of chapter one.

“I have designed Life after Doomsday as a comprehensive survival manual intended to give a family or small group of people the information necessary to prepare for and survive a major disaster with a minimum of discomfort.”

He breaks the book into eight chapters covering potential disaster scenarios, Information about nuclear war, Shelter in place or bug out, securing your home (bunker), food, medical, weapons and tactics, leadership and group dynamics. He also includes several appendices dealing with nuclear survival.

Reading though this book you would think it was written this week if not for all the references pertaining to incidents in the 60’s and 70’s. Some of the info is dated, such as the weapons but it is still valid and very informative.

One of the biggest eye opening facts in this book is the number of people who will initially survive a full scale nuclear attack. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s we were taught that in an all out war we were all dead anyway. Dr Clayton explodes that myth with facts and figures that are still relevant today.

The beauty of this book is how much of this information crosses over into modern prepping even if you are not concerned about a nuclear attack. I consider it one of the most complete and well thought out prepping books I own.

Life After Doomsday by Bruce D. Clayton, Ph.D

ISBN 0-87364-175-2

Copyright 1980

185 pages published by Paladin Press

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