Hezbollah Leader Assails European Sanctions

| August 1, 2013 |

Lebanon's Hezbollah

The European Union received major criticism from Hezbollah’s leader as the European Union has decided to blacklist the organizations military as a terrorist group. This of course comes in complete and direct issue with a brewing problem between Israel and Lebanon, one that has been stated to have presented a “legal cover” which could end up in arms being brought forth.

A video was presented to a group that was meant for Islamic women and the whole of the message was to state that the European Union was essentially favoring the United States and Israel in their friendship instead of allowing diplomacy to work. It went as far as to say that Hezbollah would be at odds with this decision and will not look forward favorably to dealings with either party.

Even though the video presented a good deal of information, news sources could not get specifics as to what the interests were in regards to the latest moves. Even though there seems to be support from fractions within Lebanon, it should be noted that the Muslim world is not necessarily united across the board here. The Shiite base may support Hezbollah but there is a challenge in place that will not allow for a complete easy move towards arms. Due in large part to a Syrian uprising that challenged President Basarh al-Assad, a war with Israel may not be the best move nor one that will be taken too seriously, especially since there was a brief challenge in 2006 that seemed to be fresh in the memories of those in the Middle East.

There are a lot of political parties at play, all with militias trying to fight for particular control, none of which can lay claim to a variety of interests within the Islamic community. Trying to assert power over one decision, especially one that was made by European officials is one that is definitely interesting to note. Even though there are a great deal of complex decisions that can pose serious international consequences, Hezbollah will have to make a move of aggression to fully denote what exactly the video presents in a bigger picture. The decision will definitely be one that gets analyzed through and through across mainstream media, as it seems that there are rumors of war being spread throughout the region.

Hassan Nasrallah seemed to take a certain tone that would make some rest at ease, even though the language may seemed a bit jovial amidst the seriousness of the blacklisting. Time will tell what the outcome will truly mean for the region and the world!

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