Quantum is a complete turnkey shelter ready to be installed

Quantum is a complete turnkey shelter ready to be installed.

The ultimate in private shelter security, comfort and overall value, the Vivos Quantum series is a leap in shelter technology.  Each model provides a complete, all   threat, shelter solution that can be discreetly installed just about anywhere, in under a week.  Quantum will provide your family of 4 to 12, with a private shelter that can be stocked for a minimum of one year, to autonomously ride out whatever may be a threat on the surface above. There are three models to choose from, including the Luna, Terra and Sol.Quantum is the affordable fusion of everything needed in a private shelter, without compromising safety, security, strength and comfort. Beware of the low cost, corrugated drain pipe bunkers, or fiberglass cocoons, that are little more than overrated storm shelters. With Quantum, you will have a real, concrete and steel, turnkey shelter solution that is built to survive virtually any catastrophe that may be ahead.  Each Quantum is delivered, fully furnished and outfitted, ready to be installed on your property in days.  Just add food, fuel, water and your loved ones!







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Want to save even more on your own private shelter?

After years of development and market feedback, Vivos has just developed an alternative Quantum solution that may be more appealing to your budget: a ‘DIY’ shelter with all of the critical components delivered in just one box. Our patent pending Quantum “shelter in a box” is the strongest and most resilient structure for anything of its class (much stronger than the cheap, poor quality, flimsy pipe, fiberglass, or block wall shelters). In fact, the cylindrical shape of this Quantum, combined with its hemispherical end caps and minimum 1 foot of reinforced concrete, creates a blast shelter near military specifications. After all, what good is a survival shelter if it won’t save you and your family from the anticipated forces of a major catastrophe?

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