Video: RADCON 4-5 Alerts In The US

| November 14, 2013 |


The image above taken from the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center on 11/11/13 shows that Salt Lake City Utah has just hit a RADCON 5 alert. This means the radiation levels are critical.

There are other areas shown as to be of great concern. These include, Texas and Denver Colorado which have been raised to RADCON 4, “Concern/Watch.”

It’s very concerning that mainstrem media has not been reporting the seriousness of this threat as winds carry radiation across the US.

As readers know The Fukusima nuclear plant in Japan has been spilling radiation into the Atlantic since 2011.

The question remains are these high levels of radiation from Fukushima or from nuclear plants in our own backyard.

When are we going to get some clear answers?

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  1. I want to thank you for publishing this. This is information that people need to know. I have been concerned about radiation and the serious effects that it can have on our health.
    I was so concerned that I wrote and published a book “Radiation Detoxification- How to Detoxify Your Body” which is available on amazon.
    Please keep everyone updated on these alerts as the media sure isn’t.
    Thank you again 🙂
    ~Michelle Oaks

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