Using a Survival Straw for Easy Water Purification

| September 30, 2013 |


During disaster and survival situations having a clean supply of water is a top priority. The human body cannot survive long with water and drinking contaminated water is not a very pleasant alternative. Furthermore dehydration will lower your physical strength and endurance and make it difficult to focus mentally; these are very important things to maintain in a survival situation. Since clean, drinkable water is so critical to surviving during a disaster situation a water filtration device is a worthwhile item to have in your disaster survival kit.

How to Get Drinkable Water?

While there are many ways to make water drinkable, a filtration device is the most convenient and practical. Methods like boiling depend on being able to start a fire and take a significant amount of time. Other methods like purification drops are expensive and will eventually run out. A filtration device is a low cost, one time investment and will work as long as you need it to, making them the best option in the long run when it comes to purifying potentially contaminated water.

Filtration? What Is a Survival Straw?

NDuR Survival Straw. At this point you might be wondering “what is a survival straw?” The answer is that a survival straw is a portable water filter that will remove dangerous chemicals, bacteria, and viruses from a water source. Now just how much can you trust a survival straw? Well the NDuR 52020 Survival Straw has been tested to remove 99.99% of dangerous chemical contaminants and 99.9999% of harmful bacteria and viruses from a water source. The NDuR 52020 Survival Straw removes bacteria and viruses that other filters do not.

It doesn’t only remove immediate threats either, the NDuR 52020 also removes heavy metals like lead and mercury that tend to build up in the human body and cause long-term problems. The straw is also BPA free so you don’t have to worry about it being made with any dangerous plastics entering your body.

Okay, but What Will It Cost Me?

The last thing to discuss when it comes to a survival straw is the cost. You are probably wondering how the prices of other water purification options compare to a survival straw? Well since water purification tablets or chemicals only last a limited time and become expensive if being used frequently. Even if a bottle of tables might only cost $7-10, the reality is that it will not last forever.

A survival straw like the NDuR 52020 can be bought for as little as $20 and will last indefinitely. You do not need to limit its use to survival situation either. The straw can be used regularly as an alternative buying bottled water.

Wrapping Things Up

Overall water purification is one of the most important factors in surviving a disaster situation. A filtration device like the NDuR 52020 Survival Straw is an excellent low cost and convenient option for water purification. The filter in the straw is proven to remove harmful chemicals, bacteria, and viruses and is easy to use and carry around. So what is stopping you from getting a survival straw?

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