The Zombie Apocalypse Shopping List

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You’ve been forewarned that a Zombie Apocalypse is coming. Knowing that a plague of zombies is coming your way, what would you go out and buy. What would be on your shopping list? In this article, I’m going to explore what would be on my shopping list.

The list is divided into two levels:  The first level being supplies one should keep on hand for any crisis situation, and the second level consists of zombie-specific items.

Level 1

water bottles

Water:  Dehydration is the quickest path to exhaustion and death, so don’t be caught without adequate hydration on hand.  The general rule is to keep around a gallon of water per day per person on hand.  This amount of water will also provide some minimal hygiene as well.

Survival food

Food:  Duh.  But not just any food, you want stuff that will remain generally unchanged after years of sitting in your disaster kit.  This can include freeze dried foods (think “astronaut food”) as well as granola bars and canned foods which can remain fresh for long periods of time.

ZombieSurvival Kit

First Aid Kit:  Make sure you have bandaging, basic medications, rubbing alcohol, and gauze on hand in a portable first aid kit.  See more zombie-specific items you’ll want to include in the level 2 list below.

survival radio

A Radio:  Don’t be a newbie and use a battery powered radio, get one that is crank-powered.  You’ll never lose power to your communication device and can scan the airwaves for any information or distress signals that might be being broadcast.

Atomic Solar Watch

An Atomic Watch:  A watch that is highly power efficient and keeps precise time is essential for keeping track of your days in a possibly blacked-out world.  Staying mentally sharp and on schedule is essential to successfully navigating a disaster.

Level 2

These are the zombie apocalypse-specific items you’re been waiting for:


Riot Gear:  Depending on where you live, this gear is going to be easier or harder to get a hold of.  Riot gear, or at least light body armor is very important in high risk areas where an infected bite or clawing could be lethal.

portable water purifer

Portable Water Purifier:  As an addition to the level one water listing, in a zombie apocalypse (where you may constantly have to move around to survive) it is vital to have a way to purify water you find.  Iodine tablets or a hand-pumped system are the best options by far for this. Also, you can check out our survival straw review

Strongest SUV

A Large Vehicle:  If you’re already driving around in a 2 door Honda Civic, it might not be feasible to run out and buy a new SUV, but the fact is that a bigger, stronger vehicle is going to likely fare better in this type of situation.  A smaller, low-clearance care risks getting stuck easily and the ability to go off-road may be important when streets become blocked with abandoned cars or worse.

zombie close qtr

Close-Range Weapons:  Sometimes you’ll need to get in close (though try to avoid this when possible) and an axe, bat, knife, or sword will come in handy.  At the very least, keep a survival knife in your kit for close encounters.

zombie shotgun

A Shotgun:  Our list concludes, of course, with a shotgun.  Firearms are important to keeping one’s distance when dealing with the infected, and there’s a reason shotguns are so prevalent in zombie fiction: They work.  The medium range, large spray, and destructive stopping power make shotguns ideal for mowing down zombies and clearing a path to victory.

There you have it, the ten items you MUST have in a zombie apocalypse. What would be on your shopping list?

Level 3 – The wish list

Oh and if I was made of money I’d go out looking for these.  Check these images out!



ZombieWeapon2 ZombieWeapon4 ZombieWeapon5 ZombieWeapon6 ZombieWeapon7 ZombieWeapon8 ZombieWeapon9 ZombieWeapon10 ZombieWeapon11

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