The Real Zombie Apocalypse – And How You Get Out ALIVE

| July 29, 2013 |


No fiend of horror films has inundated our pysche quite as much as the zombie.  For decades, the notion of reanimated corpses has been on the forefront of horror writers’ minds, and it shows no signs of slowing down.  With comics and shows like “The Walking Dead” gaining popularity in recent years and bringing zombie apocalypse culture to it’s highest point in some time, it’s no surprise that people have started to ask “What if?”

The reason I cited The Walking Dead in my opening paragraph is because, as much of a cultural reference as the show has become, it has also managed to capture a very real, emotional, human factor of zombie apocalypses.  That is to say, the show has likeable (and also despicable) characters, and when most people watch they can’t help but ask what they would do if in certain situations the show portrays.  In any case, depictions of zombies with more realism that ever before make us wonder if something like this could really ever happen and, if it did, if we would survive.

Even the Center for Disease Control has taken note, and populated pages on their website with information relevant to zombies (including a brief history of the word itself).  The CDC states a lot of things that I already knew, and but wanted to pass on to you because they’re important.  The reason I already knew much of what their site recommends before ever reading it is not that I’m obsessed with zombies (OK, maybe a little), but because most other catastrophic events would require similar preparation to a zombie-like infection outbreak.  Let’s go over a few of them to help you best prepare.

First of all, have a kit with everything you’d need in any disaster on hand:  It should have food, water (about a gallon per person per day), a first aid kit, some hygiene and bedding supplies, and important identification documents.  In an apocalyptic world, being able to prove who you are on paper may prove invaluable if power is failing.  Also, if you or your family members take medications, have some in your emergency kit.  Stock up on non-prescription medications as well, when chaos hits people will be raiding pharmacy counters for these things and they’ll likely all be gone soon.

Have an escape planned.  This is huge.  When your family is in danger and a zombie infection is a real threat, you don’t want to be confused about where you’re meeting or how you’re getting there.  Be sure to have a planned route and meet up point.  Also, make sure your car is not boxed in and could easily be entered and driven away quickly should the need arise.

Other items you should have include a battery powered radio.  If conventional power goes out, this may be your only way to get in touch with others or possibly hear information on a restored government frequency.  In a blacked-out world, you’ll want to have some way of getting information.

Lastly, and probably the most fun step, choose your weapons.  This is one step that really isn’t included in other other disaster guides and that’s because a zombie apocalypse requires a certain type of aggression for survival that is atypical of natural disasters.  The shotgun is a zombie cult classic, and allows you to keep distance between you and the thing that wants to eat your brain.  It gets my first vote.  From there, just be creative, if it looks like it could bash, clash, or blow up a zombie’s head, it’s probably worth keeping around.


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