The End Of The Internet?

| August 1, 2013 |

The End Of The Internet

The online world has been hit with some serious problems in recent months, and most recently there was a huge attack on the internet and it reached a boiling point. All major media started to slow down, videos, social media, everything that you once knew to be speedy on the internet started to crawl and it wasn’t just your internet service provider, it seemed like the entire web world was taking major hits from this attack. In fact, many are even believing that the end of the world as we know it may not necessarily be one of physical threat, but of digital.

The beginning of the end of the online world? Is this true? Many are saying that this is just the first step before total blackout of the information super highway becomes the result.

Ok, so maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to throw in the towel on your computer, but there are some serious problems happening worldwide, and it’s starting to permeate across the board, well the digital board as it were. The result of many companies fighting spam, and so much more, has led many to become completely vulnerable to what are known as cyber-attacks. One of the biggest attacks hit the company Spamhaus which is a major spam fighting website and when it got hit with a denial of service attack recently, the whole internet shook.

What that meant for the internet on the side of the world that this company was based out of (Europe), was hit with some serious, slow, painstaking crawls. The biggest ISP in the world even suffered a huge break in cables, which mean that the whole Middle East was dark in terms of the online world. Even though the two events were not related, they do spell a certain type of doom that many analysts are worried could be all too true.

While the internet is safe right now, you will find that this sort of issue is not so far fetched that it may not manifest in our lifetimes. In fact, it’s possible as more and more angry hackers and denial of service attacks hit various institutions, the ripples of an online war could end up causing a global information black out. Could the internet itself fall and collapse? Sure it can, it’s just a matter of time.

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