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We all know the importance of being prepared for the worst. You can get some good insights and information from reading websites like Doomsday News. However, to get the real hands on experience and training, it’s best to find someone to mentor and teach you. For Californians, there’s a few good schools out there, we take a look at the best Survival School options in California.

Overview of Survival Schools California

Adventure Out

The tag line of the school says it all, ‘Leading In Outdoor Adventure’. ‘Adventure Out’ is a leading outdoor school in California that specializes in imparting survival skills through activities like surf camps, backpacking trips, mountain biking expeditions, wilderness survival, rock climbing and others. The school uses its years of experience to train students safely and in a responsible manner.

Christopher Nyerges

Since the year 1974, this school has been instrumental in training students to be self-reliant. Through regular field trips and workshops, the school encourages students to develop skills related to both, urban and wilderness survival. The experience of learning wilderness survival skills like choosing safe wild foods to eat, weaponry, making a fire, building shelters etc is memorable beyond words. Urban skills that are taught, for example emergency prepping, storage of food and water, using alternatives to electricity, nature awareness etc can come in extremely handy. People of all ages, religions or races are welcome to come and benefit from the outdoor programs available here.

Earth Skills

This school helps one and all connect with nature and polish their outdoor survival skills. Specializing in tracking, nature and plant uses, wilderness survival, earth philosophy and many primitive skills, the school has many treasures to offer. From training novices to experienced adventurers, teachers to school students, the school inspires people to advance their survival spirit.

Headwaters Outdoor School

Located in Northern California, the school teaches skills that belonged to the primitive world. here you get an opportunity to learn about surviving in the wild, edible and medicinal plants, nature philosophy etc. Your classrooms will be lush meadows, forests, creeks and the like. The school prepares you to deal with life and whatever it may bring your way.


The school promotes learning of the ancient ways of life, their art and technology. Fine-tune your survival fundamentals here through a series of workshops, presentations, demonstrations and practical activities. The schools is a medium for you to understand your past and benefit from it in the future. There are a number of programs available here for kids, young adults, home school groups, birthday parties etc.

Sierra School Of Survival

The school trains you to survive both natural and man-made disasters. The man behind the school, Doug Huffman, translates his real life experiences into effective practical education you can use throughout your life.

Survival Training School Of California

As the name suggests, the school provides outdoor safety training and survival knowledge to families, many prestigious organizations and even military units. Learn to live off the land and survive like never before.

Urban Outdoor Skills

This Southern California survival school focuses on connecting the urban dweller with his natural surrounding environment. Here, you can learn about local plants and their culinary value, discovering new flavors and using them to your best advantage.

Understanding the importance of preparation and the need for proper training goes is the first important step in making sure an individual or family is safe in a disaster situation. However, with proper training, mentoring and practice what may once seem an insurmountable problem can become manageable but more importantly survivable. Please be sure to check out one of the above Survival Schools, if you live in California.

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