Question to the Editor: What are some survival tips if you actually become a zombie?

| August 28, 2013 |

survive as a zombie

Ok, so you’ve seen the movies and the tv shows and no doubt have seen countless zombies shot at, decapitated, chainsawed, crowbarred plus seen countless of other ways that they’ve had their brains removed.

Well what happens when the Zombie Apocalypse arrives and you haven’t prepared and you get bit. How will you survive as a zombie?

Well here is our answer

If you actually became a zombie, your mind will endlessly drive to eat anything living and moving. But lets say you actually had consciousness and could control your urges. I would say never attack a group by yourself. Look for lone wolves and sneak up from behind. This way you can eat well with a very small chance getting what’s known as – the “Bullet through the head” syndrome.

Travel in large groups of your own kind. If you do happen to encounter a group of humans, let the other zombies go first and get picked off. While this confrontation is going on you can flank the distracted and dimwitted humans from behind and have your fill. Rinse and repeat. If you encounter dead humans or animals along the road, don’t be afraid to chow down, because you never now how long it will be until the next victim will show up.

Do you agree? How would you survive as a zombie?

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