Question to the Editor: Should I buy a gas mask?

| November 21, 2013 |

Should I buy a gas mask

Some countries in today’s geopolitical scheme are more dangerous than others. Israel for example encourages its citizens to own gas masks as an everyday precaution against gas attacks.

If you are considering purchasing a gas mask you should ask your self why you want it.

Bio Attacks

For many bio attacks people will not know for some time there was an attack or that they are infected. So in this sense a gas mask unless worn 24/7 will not be much help.

A HEPA quality mask will be just as effective against this type of threat as a gas mask and it would be much more likely to be worn at the right time.

Radiological Attack

Again a HEPA quality mask will filter out radioactive particles that would otherwise nest in your lungs and cause untold problems down the road. If you have the possibility of being active in a radiologicaly hot area a mask may add years to your life. 

Chemical Attacks

While gas masks are effective against most chemical type attacks by using activated charcoal to absorb the chemicals, they however cannot cover your whole body. Many chemical weapons can be absorbed through the skin, while not as deadly as inhalation they can still mess you up.

They are however very effective against crowd control agents such as tear gas. If you are holed up in your bunker and some bad dudes get their hands on some tear gas, you will be able to stay put and resist them.

Surplus gas masks from all over the world are available for purchase with extra filters. One big disadvantage will be trying to protect children. Some of these masks just can’t be made to work with kids. It would be a good idea to try several types to see if one of them will work with a smaller child.

Then it is your responsibility to practice and train your family so that the masks actually can do some good.



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