The Privacy Train-Wreck That Is Healthcare

| November 19, 2013 |


While the Obama regime keeps making excuses Americans are dealing with the consequences of a government program run amok.This article about what happened to Justin Hadley highlights just how “safe” your information is in the hands of bumbling bureaucrats.

When Hadley signed up for health care he was given a message that he had two letters waiting for him that explained his coverage options. When he opened them he discovered they were intended for other people who had signed up and were full of personal information.

During testimony before congress Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius apologized to the American people and took full responsibility for the many screwups associated with Obamacare. It remains to be seen if she will reimburse all the Americans who fall victim to the identity thieves who are having a hay-day with this piece of sewage disguise as legislation.

So what does this mean for the prepper?

To be honest I can’t tell you. Certain people will benefit greatly from this since others will be paying for their healthcare. The majority will lose out like they do anytime .gov decides it needs to stick its nose into the lives of private citizens.

For many it will be much cheaper to pay the fine for no insurance and then stay healthy and hope nothing happens to you. If you are in a lower income bracket you may come out even.

As far as the security issues go…they will never completely go away. Hackers will be constantly at work trying to bring down the system.

Mid-term elections, a nugget of hope?

Some are hopeful that Republicans can win the senate by tying this health care fiasco to the Democratic party. Sure some things might get better but all in all remember which party brought you the patriot act. This opened the door for much of the NSA scandal that is brewing right now.

While I am not much for conspiracy theories I do recognize that the two parties that run our country are more alike than they are different.

The health care debacle is just one of the more public events showcasing the sinking of the ship that was America.

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