Mental Preparation is the Key to Disaster Survival

| August 23, 2013 |

mental preperation

Being prepared for a disaster usually marks the difference between those who survive and those who don’t. Of course, some disasters are so extreme and so unexpected that they come right out of left field. However, even some of the most severe situations imaginable can be survived with the right amount of preparation.

Studies show that simply knowing what to do in the event of an emergency is not as helpful as actually visualizing a potential scenario – visualizing it helps to put the motions into action more fluidly should the scenario ever come up.

Go Through the Steps in Your Mind

A survival effort in a disaster is all about breaking things down into steps. One of the main causes for death in a disaster is panic. The stress of the situation causes people to not think clearly and they are therefore unable to act appropriately.

Breaking down an escape route or a rescue operation into simple steps is a proven method for coping effectively.

Of course, as each disaster comes with a unique set of problems, it’s easier to prepare if the setting of the disaster can be predicted (e.g. the specific building) but at the same time, many disasters all have the same threats in common. Fire danger, for example, will always require a few of the same precautionary steps.

You can Save Lives

Not everybody is ready for a disaster, those who aren’t mentally prepared, or children who are physically unable to defend themselves, are often victim to these situations. It may be possible for you to help and rescue vulnerable people during a disaster. Those who are prepared and confident about what should be done about the disaster will not only be able to save themselves, but will also be able to potentially save other lives. This is precisely why, when boarding a plane, the person in the emergency exit seat will be asked if they feel confident in the event of an emergency. Sometimes all it takes is one person able to take control to make the difference for everybody.

Reducing Surprise with Keep You Calm

Keeping panic to a minimum is essential in all disaster scenarios, this may be difficult depending on the severity, but it is always helpful to be as calm and collected as possible. Having survival steps planned out and visualized actually helps to occupy the thought-processes with logical, step-driven solutions. If there is no clear plan, this is where panic and fear will rapidly begin to filter into the mind and cause trouble.

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