Knife Attack Survival

| August 20, 2013 |

Survive a knife attack

While obviously hoping to avoid dangerous situations is always the best route, sometimes it is out of one’s control and instead the focus needs to be on surviving them instead. A knife attack is one of these situations, and surviving one can be trickier than you might expect.

Defuse the Situation

The first step should always be an attempt to calm things down and end the situation. Take a moment to pause, take the situation in, and respond accordingly. If the knife wielder has demands, it may be better to simply give in to them and end the conflict. Regardless, it is important not to try and escalate the situation by making threats of your own or instigating further action. Even if you do not directly see a knife, it is safer to cling to the assumption that one may be present in any fight you ever experience.

Recognizing the Threat

Once it is clear that the altercation is not going to end peacefully, the next step is assessing the threat. You will likely never see the knife before the offender attempts to put it to use, so do not rely on your eyes as much as your whole body. It is important to protect yourself in all directions, because even though attention to your front is the most likely, too much focus can leave your sides or back open to attack. The knife could come out at any moment – do not freeze upon finally seeing it and leave your entire body completely vulnerable.

The Inevitable Attack

Once the knife comes in to play, prepare to be cut. Even the greatest of knife fighters have cuts and scars to attest to this inevitability. The idea is not to panic if and when it does happen, but rather to continue to make fast reactions that can help you get to safety. When the engagement begins and you are made aware of a knife, the main focus should be on finding a way out, whether it be a simply be getting some distance or fully disarming the attacker. Ideally your hands should be trying to get control of the knife hand, as control will at the very least allow you to slow down the attempted attacks. If it is impossible to get a hold of the knife hand, the next best option is the actual knife, although this is much more dangerous.

Even if you are struck with the knife, do not let this change anything. The pain will certainly be present, but a focused mind will help you to keep a wound from turning into a life and death situation. Continue trying to gain control over the knife, but the second you see an opening to do so, make your escape.

As the saying always goes, “There is no winner in a knife fight.” Do not worry about trying to get revenge or take the attacker down when a knife is involved, simply try to end the situation and get away. Taking a martial arts class may help you to get more comfortable with these situations, but even then there are no guarantees, so it is important to do everything possible to end a situation like this promptly.

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