How to Siphon Gas from a Car Tank

| August 26, 2013 |

Siphone gas from a car

There are various situations in which gas has to be siphoned out of a car. These include when the car has to be winterized or when the car runs out of gas and there is no gas station available nearby. For someone looking to prepare for any disaster situation, it is a valuable tool of knowledge to have in your arsenal.


Siphoning gas from a car gas tank to an empty gas simply requires two main components in the form of a gas can and tubing.

Step 1 – Select Your Receptacle Carefully

The first step involved is the selection of an empty gas can. It is always safer to choose a gas can that is closed on all sides rather than use a gas can that is left open on any one side. One should never use a bucket or any other open container for transporting gas unless absolutely necessary.

Step 2 – Get Your Tubing

The next step is choosing a tubing of the required length and diameter. The tube should be clear enough for a person to see the gas passing through the tube and identify the presence of air bubbles in the gas. The length should neither be too long nor too small. If the length is small, the tube might not be able to reach the gas can. If the tube is too long, air bubbles might form inside the tube.

Step 3 – Placement

Place the gas can on the ground in a position that it is below the car gar tank.

Step 4 – Check for Bubbles

The next step is to check whether the tubing is below the surface of the gas in the car gas tank. For this, one end of the tube has to be inserted in to the car gas tank. After inserting one end, the car driver has to blow air through the other open end of the tube as a test. When one hears the sound of bubbles coming out of the tube, it implies that the tubing is below the surface of the gas – the right position.

Step 5 – Suck!

The car driver places one end of the tubing in to their mouth. The car driver now sucks the tube. The gas can be seen flowing through the tube towards one’s mouth. In order to avoid getting gas in one’s mouth, the driver has to take the tube from the mouth and close the open end with their thumb before the gas reaches the mouth. Note: when one sees the presence of bubbles inside the tube, the thumb holding the end is to be removed, and the gas can be allowed to escape. The gas has to be drained back in to the car and the process has to be repeated.

Step 6 – Put Gas Into Container

Without removing your thumb from the tube, place it into your gas can, and release your thumb. The gas you sucked out of the car will now flow into your container.

You can repeat this process as many times as you need to get as much gas from the car as necessary.

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