How to Build a Disaster Survival Shelter

| September 5, 2013 |

Mountain shelter

In the event of a catastrophic disaster, you need a secondary survival location that you can bug out to keep your family safe. First, it is important to find a spot that is conducive to disaster survival. Pick a remote location, preferably in a wooded area that you can get to quickly when you need it. An ideal location is one that is sheltered by trees, and near a clean water source. Once you have found the right location, it is time to begin equipping your disaster shelter.


Your first consideration should be to erect a structure so that you and your family will have shelter. There are many simple options available for a disaster structure, such as a Teepee, a Yurt or a cabin. No matter what type of structure you build, be sure to include a stove or fire pit. This will serve a double purpose by keeping your family warm in the winter and allowing you to prepare food in your disaster structure. Be sure to allow for proper venting by building a fire pit or stove with a chimney.


Next, it is time to start building up a food supply in your shelter. There are many different types of disaster food available today that come in waterproof packages to protect your food for months or even years. You can buy dehydrated items such as milk, and canned items like fruits and vegetables. If you do not have a nearby source of water, it is imperative to purchase a good water purification kit. It is also a good idea to purchase some heirloom seeds so that you can begin a garden in the springtime to feed your family. After you harvest the food you grow, you can simply gather the seeds and dry them so that you are ready for next season’s planting.


If you choose your location carefully in a wooded area, you will have plenty of fuel for cooking and heating. It is a good idea to build up a woodpile so that you already have dry wood when you need it. You can also purchase fuel, such as propane for cooking and heating – just be sure to store it properly.

With just a little forethought and planning, you can be ready in the event of any kind of disaster. With a ready supply of shelter, food and fuel, you can keep your family safe, warm and well-fed for as long as you need.

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