Four Legged Security: Tips for Adding the Right Canine to Your Survival Cache

| November 20, 2013 |

Security dog

There are many circumstances that could accompany an apocalyptic event, such as Martial Law, riots, looting, and other circumstances that will make your retreat to an unpopulated area necessary.  As a parent, one of your immediate concerns is the safety of your family during this transition. If dangers exist not only from environmental factors, but also from predators and criminals, you’ll want to have as many protective items in your survival cache as possible.

One valuable option you may have overlooked is a protection dog. A protection dog differs greatly from a guard dog, as a protection dog has the perfect combination of bloodline, exposure to a variety of situations, and training. A protection dog has to be ready for ANY situation the world has to offer. Right now, you most likely have a peaceful home and a busy life. If that all changes tomorrow, and chaos ensues, will the dog you choose be able to adapt and stay focused on protecting your family? It all depends on the training of the dog. The best trainers groom their dogs to be perfect family companions, while maintaining their protective nature. When you select a canine from the right trainer, you can get total peace of mind knowing the dog you’re getting will have been trained to know when it’s time to protect and when it’s time to play and love. There is a significant difference between a guard dog and a protection dog, and a qualified trainer will easily explain the difference.

So, how can you be sure you choose the right trainer? The fact is there are only a few qualified protection dog trainers in the whole country. Look for an experienced trainer with a proven reputation for winning awards at international dog training competitions. The right trainer will know how to select only the finest dogs for training, and he or she will give the proper training to acclimate the canine into a family environment. Interview the training team, and ask plenty of questions. A qualified, reputable trainer will have nothing to hide, and will allow you to visit their training grounds. An elite trainer will offer to deliver a dog wherever you are, no matter how far, and will send a handler to ensure a smooth transition into your family.

When it comes to keeping your kids safe, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do. But as a parent, you have many choices when selecting the right method. A security system and a firearm are all tools that you can use now, but what about after a catastrophic event happens? Will those tools work for you and your family? In the event of a disaster, a protection canine can escort your family anywhere you go, keeping you safe in an unsafe, unsure environment. A loyal companion like this is an essential thing to consider when planning for emergency preparedness and safety.

This article was contributed by the Wayne Simanovich Team, German Shepherd training experts for Simanovich Protection Dogs.

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