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| August 1, 2013 |

End Of the World

I came across this article  on

An overview is as follows;

With 2012 now past us, another prediction about the end of the world has been completely come and gone. Millions of people and dollars went with the notion that it was all over, and some may have had fun with it, while others were again disappointed with the end. Movies were made, books were written, gurus and media types were all watching to see if it was all going to come crashing down like the Y2K bug that was supposed to infiltrate and destroy. This is nothing new, in fact, for centuries people have been predicting the end of the world.

The article highlights an info-graphic with all previous predictions for the Earth’s destruction (and who predicted it), interesting as it is, it takes the whole end of the world situation rather lightly and forgets current events such as the overpopulation in the world and food shortages that go with it, global warming, financial meltdown’s or super virus’s.

Read the full article and check out the info-graphic here


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