What We Can Learn from Disaster Movies

| November 3, 2013 |


While many true survivalists will likely laugh at the techniques shown in the movies, there are some things that we can learn from them. For instance, when there is a murderer on the loose in your hometown, everyone knows that you should not run upstairs when the killer is in your house. Why does everyone know this? We have all seen just how poorly going upstairs ends in the movies.

There are many scenarios in disaster films that are far-fetched and not likely to happen, however there is still a reason that people are drawn to them. The likelihood that you will need to run from monsters through New York City is pretty low, but somehow we feel alive when watching others do it on the silver screen. Despite this, there are perhaps a few things we can learn from these films.

Man made Disasters

It should be fairly obvious to most people that as a species, humans can be very dumb. Humans cause so many truly bad things to happen because we cut corners, get greedy, and pray for something implausible to work. This simply serves to remind us that the implausible generally will not actually work out as we hope. When someone gets greedy and tries to use the easy way out, it very well may not work out.

Takeaway note: Be aware of the potential man made disasters in your area, and prepare for those first before going on fanciful leaps.

Biological Disasters

Biological disaster films provide for some of the best results when it comes to disasters. The reason is that they are oftentimes the most improbable as well as the most terrifying. That extremely deadly strain of virus is not likely going to spread throughout North America in 2 days, but it somehow seems much more likely than an alien invasion. These types of disasters often go hand in hand with man made disasters when depicted on the big screen. It is not too often that the monkeys inject themselves with chemicals and then let themselves out of the cages.

Takeaway note: Keep your disaster preparation grounded in reality.

Natural Disasters

Unless you are Tommy Lee Jones, it is not likely you will be able to fight against a volcano erupting in downtown Los Angeles. Natural disaster films serve as a reminder that we are simply powerless against the rage of Mother Nature. They also typically remind us that humans are to blame for the problems that happen. Remember all of those cars on the road? They caused The Day After Tomorrow to happen. Basically, just remember to recycle and ride your bike from time and we can all help prevent New York City from freezing over.

It is only human nature to love watching others be put into dangerous positions and coming out on top. While there are many things you can actually prepare for, it is always fun to look at the more improbable and imagine just what you would do when facing giant insects, flying sharks or a volcano in Los Angeles.

Takeaway note: Don’t just prepare for disaster and wait for the world to crumble around you; do your part to try and ensure disasters never happen in the first place.

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