prepperBecause we live in a perilous realm where the participants that constitutes it have different goals and agendas, some of which are dangerous and life threatening. Sadly, divisions based on various variables like religion and nationality exists.

These divisions have given rise to an invisible race where everyone wants to reign supreme. This has brought forth many wars where thousands have lost (and are loosing) lives. Just look at the middle east for example. The amount of survivors left without the basics like food, water and shelter is enormous.

Then there is the global economic collapse. Let’s be honest, the value of paper money is based on our (or the government’s) perception of its worth. The evil clenches of hyperinflation is constantly causing the value of money to plummet. Being unprepared by continually investing in unreliable assets like stocks, bonds and paper based currencies is like handing your savings account over to the arms of luck in hopes that it will always be on your side.

Add to these man made disasters, the one of nature. I am talking about natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and tornadoes. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to the screaming and yelling of your neighbors only to find that the floor beneath you is violently shaking. What would you do in a situation like that?

The fact is everyday somewhere in this world there are people waking up finding themselves in life threatening situations like these, often unprepared, and in most cases they are not alone. Along with them, the lives of their partners and kids are also in line.

The Good News

It is true that calamities are inevitable but what is evitable is how much we let it affect our lives. We do not have to wait for the sky to fall or the earth to shake or another terrorist attack to make us realize how important preparedness is.

That is the mission of Doomsday News:

To teach you how to survive in a situation where very little resources will be available. It will teach you how to be self sufficient in a situation where there might be not much help coming your way.
There are many in this world who don’t know the basic survival medicine like how to stop bleeding. The resources available in this website will make sure that you don’t feel helpless but have the skills to protect yourself and your family.

There is no way to predict the what the apocalypse might look like- it could be one major event putting the entire world’s population in danger, or it could be a series of mini episodes- whatever the situation we cannot take anything for granted. Preparing for the worst is the only way to survive.

If situation calls for you to dwell in a remote and secluded area surrounded by wilderness, the information found on this website will vest you with knowledge and skills on how to do it effectively.
At the end of glory days when everything from food, water to electricity becomes a luxury that many might not have access to, you will not just survive but thrive.

Are you prepared for the worst?


Ready or not, it will come!