5 Things To Stockpile For An Economic Collapse

| November 10, 2013 |

Collapse of economy

Nobody will have everything they may need in an economic collapse. You will need to buy and sell, while not like before it will still be done. Barter items may take the place of much useless currency. Some things you can stock up on now may help see you through a serious economic disruption.

.22 LR Ammo

Gone are the days of cheap .22 ammo, they may come again but right now people are buying it up at a rate faster than it is being produced. Already people are trading bricks of .22 for other things.

If you have a source that has .22 ammo in stock, and the money to buy it, it will be a common medium of exchange in a serious economic collapse. People who have it will want more, and people who need it will trade other items or services of value for it.

Junk Silver Coins

Precious metals hold value better than just about any other medium of exchange in economic upheaval.

Pre-64 United States silver coins contain 90% silver. They can still be bought for around melt value (the value of the silver if melted) if you keep you eyes open. 

I always recommend junk silver coins over gold since everyone can afford to pick some up even if they have to pay a premium to a dealer. As I write this a silver dime is worth $1.58 while a silver war nickel (42-45 35% silver) is $1.23. You can find melt value calculators online that tell you how much coins with silver content are worth.


It may sound funny but you will be able to trade your food for other things of value you may need. If you have a secure area to grow a garden, or a huge stockpile of canned goods you might be able to set your own price.

Garden seeds

Like the food above if you are able to produce your own garden seeds you have a good start of a viable business in a serious economic collapse. People everywhere will be wanting to grow as much of their own food as possible and if you are doing it already you become a valuable resource.


Books…yes books on prepping or technical topics may be in demand. Field guides of edible plants will be important to people in the beginning of a collapse while some more technical books of older technology will become important as people have to start making due with older and handmade equipment.

When you are trying to figure out what will be useful think of things that people will have to start doing themselves and will need supplies in order to do it. If you can build a toilet paper machine you will the Rockefeller of the next collapse.

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